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Superman's Fallen

American Girl Album 2006
Lyrics and Music by: Mylin


For a long time I never knew what it meant

To hurt when you hurt or to lift you when you’re down

So many years you never let me in

So hard to love a man too proud when I’m around

So on that warm, summer night in June, I said

Take care of yourself I hope you have a good life

Oh, Superman has finally fallen

No more building walls with your bare hands

Oh, Superman has finally fallen

And your pain is so beautiful to me

Was about time that my words finally met

The place in your heart you’ve always tried to hide

You turned away when the tears filled your eyes

I reach for your hand, please let me see you cry

So on that warm, summer night in June, you said

Please don’t leave me cuz I need you by my side


Oh, baby thank you

For bearing your soul to me

I just want to thank you

For giving me you


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