It's Too Late

Last Call To Higher Ground Album 2008
Lyrics and Music by: Mylin


I find it funny how you tell now that you're falling for me

All of that time I was available

It's so ironic how you tell me now that you're diggin' on me

Boy, your timing's so impeccable

When I was calling you didn't want me

When I was hoping you turned me down

Now that another guy’s calling who says he wants me

It's got you thinking you're losing out

Well it's too late now

Don't come crawling to me

I worked it out so let me tell you honey

Get off your hands and knees

It's too late

Save yourself from humiliation

Save all your tears

All the time you're wasting

Oh, baby it's too late

It's too late

You say you're sorry

You say you'd really like another chance

Hind sight is surely twenty-twenty

Now I got a guy who can see the special kinda girl that I am

He knows that he can't miss the opportunity

So stop calling cuz I don't want you

So stop hoping I'll come around