American Girl Original

American Girl Album 2006
Lyrics and Music by: Mylin


He left he flew overseas

He was a G.I. in the military

Young soldier couldn’t believe

How he had found the woman of his dreams

Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan

But she knew she had to be with this man

She boarded a flight to a foreign land

That’s how I became an American

I’m an American Girl

I got my Levi Jeans and my baby-tee on

I’m an American Girl

I’m proud of who I am

This is where I belong

They settled down in the midwest

Somehow they decided Oklahoma was best

Little Asian Girl grew up like the rest

With opportunity I truly was blessed

Oh can’t you see I owe it all to that day

The day that she flew to the land so far away

And I thank God on this day

I’m so lucky to live in the USA


Oh, it’s the land of opportunity

Oh, it’s the land where I’m free to be me